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Healthier Version of You

It does not have to take years to become a healthier version of yourself, because you can transform immediately by taking the right steps. In the past 10 years, I’ve worked on becoming a healthier version of myself every single day because I was not where I wanted to be mentally or physically. Healing my past wounds and improving my relationship with myself had become my main focus because it was a necessity to do so.

I cannot say the journey was not challenging at all, but the methods I’ve discovered along the way have been immensely helpful. This way, I went from feeling stuck to loving and accepting myself more.

Do you also want to become a healthier version of yourself?

There are 3 essential ways to become a healthier version of yourself:

The elements of self-care

Self-care is the 1st thing you would need to do with yourself, and stop looking at self-care as if its a luxury and not a necessity that we all need to do to stay on track. Hitting the RESET button can really help you get back on track. I look at it as a great way of taking care of yourself. To do that, you can disconnect, take a bath, drink tea, light up candles, listen to nature sounds, read poetry, or sleep. This way you can block out the noise of the world and hear yourself.

Taking time to reflect

This is important because this way you can keep your life on track. To be aware of the state of our well-being, we need to slow down once in a while and ask ourselves how is everything. My favorite method to reflect is to write and read audio books. Whenever I write with intentions of taking care of myself, I over-stand myself better. I get a better understanding of my problems and I learn how to tap within myself to solve them. I began to look at problems as a lesson, so that you're never become victim to problems. Ask yourself what lesson(s) I need to get from what ever problem your are goin through. Another great thing is getting use to being alone and comfortable with yourself. Being by yourself and not being scared of your own thoughts will allow you to tap in new ideas and new areas of you that you may no have knew about.

Taking care of your body

Eating healthy clean alkaline foods is a A plus when becoming a healthy version of yourself. We all should be feeding the body information. A well-balanced diet provides all of the energy you need to keep active throughout the day. Nutrients you need for growth and repair, helping you to stay strong and healthy and help to prevent diet-related illness, such as some cancers. is another element of self-care. This can include things like putting on a face mask, taking a bath, applying a cream, or using a humidifier to moisturize the air. Also in the long-run, things like eating healthy and exercising are great contributors to one being healthy physically, and thus mentally.

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